5 Reasons To Live At A Motel

Reasons to stay at a hotel or motel for an extended amount of time.


My boyfriend and I are staying at a motel right now. We will most likely be staying here for quite a few months. Here are some good reasons to stay at a motel and not rent an apartment or house.

  1. Don’t have to buy furniture. If you want to stay somewhere a few months or just moved and don’t have time to shop for furniture it is nice to stay somewhere that already has furniture.
  2. Don’t have to buy toilet paper or tissues. The motel we stay at stocks the room with these items.
  3. Room gets cleaned on a regular basis. At the motel we stay at their is a cleaning lady who comes in every few days and cleans our room.
  4. Don’t have to pay a security deposit or worry about getting it back when you leave. When staying in a town for a short time it is nice to not have to worry about a security deposit.
  5. Next to lots of places to shop and eat. The motel we stay at is by a lot of restaurants and stores which is nice because we can walk to them when the weather is nice.

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